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About Tracey

My interest in herbal medicine began several years ago after I encountered aromatherapy and wanted to see what else was available. I had always been interested in plants, even as a child when my favorites were cacti. Herbal medicine has encouraged me to look further than the garden centre and garden, by engaging with the medicinal plants that grow in our hedgerows, along our waterways and in our towns.

I began my training as a herbalist with the International Register of Consultant Herbalists and Homoeopaths, finally qualifying with a Diploma in Botano-Therapy in 2014. My practice is based in the market town of Loughborough, at Oak Leaf Herbal Clinic.

Living in Britain, we have a wealth of native herbs that can be used sustainably and, for me, the ethical production and harvesting of plants is of prime importance. Although there are herbs from other parts of the world that form a valuable part of a herbalist's dispensary, my ultimate goal is to create a practice which relies as much as possible on locally sourced herbs.

Nowadays, part of the role of a herbalist is to share knowledge about herbs and herbal medicine, and to that end, I am available to give talks to local groups and clubs - please get in touch if this would interest your group. Further information can be found on Dianne Mannering's Public Speakers Corner.

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