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Consultation Fees

Initial consultation (usually 1-1.5 hours) £50.00

Follow-up appointments (up to 30 minutes) £30.00

Cancellations require at least 24 hours notice. Appointments that are cancelled after this time will incur the full consultation fee.



Tinctures (per 100ml, which is the usual weekly requirement) £8.00

Creams and ointments (per 60ml) £7.50

Capsules (per 50, dosage depends on herbs used) £8.00

Bach Flower Remedies (mix) £7.00


Home Visits

It might be possible to arrange a home visit within 5 miles of Loughborough town centre if you are unable to get to the clinic. There will be a small charge for a home visit. Please contact me to discuss this.



Cash or cheque only. Payment to be made at the end of your appointment.