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What to expect in a consultation

Although it is possible to buy many herbal remedies off the shelf in supermarkets and chemists, many people would obtain more effective treatment by arranging a consultation with a herbalist.

A consultation allows the herbalist to ask questions about your health, any symptoms you are experiencing (however unrelated they may appear), and your diet and lifestyle. A physical examination may also be carried out. This provides the herbalist with the information required to be able to give a personalised treatment plan and herbal prescription.

The first consultation is of necessity quite a lengthy procedure. Please allow 1-2 hours for this. As I will require time to make up the medicine, this can be collected the following day or sent on by post for an additional fee to cover postage and packaging.

The first follow-up appointment will take place two weeks later, and subsequent appointments will be spaced according to your needs. These might be every three or four weeks, and will be approximately 30 minutes long. These appointments allow us to review progress and alter the herbal prescription as needed.

Consultations are by appointment only which take place at Oak Leaf Herbal Clinic in Loughborough or at Elf Foods, Market Street, Loughborough. Home visits are available for a small fee within 5 miles of Loughborough centre for those who are unable to attend the clinic.

Consultation room
The consultation room at Oak Leaf Herbal Clinic